GlobalBatik is now Contemporary and Colorful Ensemble since December 2021. The owners decided a name change was in order to reflect the many changes that took place throughout the years. Not only the products have expanded beyond the batik material but the selection has expanded and has more variety.



We first started importing African artwork and crafts in 2006. We have featured products from West Africa mainly from Togo and Benin but also from Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Togolese visual artist Joseph Amedopko has been one of our anchor artist since the beginning and we have added over the years talented craft artists specialized in wood carving, batik making, and African print sewing.



Contemporary and Colorful Ensemble recent focus has been on apparel including African print shirts, and batik t-shirts. While our shirts use local prints, we have chosen a modern and westernized cut which are one of our most popular item. Our batik t-shirts are also handmade and are unique by their designs. Every new season brings a new African theme, and the most popular themes get a chance to be produced again. So far were represented on our batik t-shirts Adinkra symbols, African masks, animals, abstract works, Dogon tribe's alphabet, and royal symbols from the 12 kings of Abomey in Benin. 



To complement our main collection, we carry a rotating collection of small accessories including African print handbags, wooden pens, key chains, and statues, small pouches, bow ties, canoe picture frames, and anything innovative and of quality we find.



We have strived to bring innovative products of the highest quality, at affordable prices from talented African artists. We have been successful so far on relying on the word of mouth and on your feedbacks. We have a return policy but we are confident that once you receive your product you will want to keep it.